web deliver lets you to login and check Linksys switch arrangement settings regardless of whether you are not associated with Linksys switch ,utilizing web address you can get to Linksys switch security settings, oversee and see ip address of associated gadgets , oversee parental control settings ,port sending/trigerring or dmz security firewall settings ,refresh Linksys switch firmware , reset Linksys switch .


  • Step1: Connect a power link to your Linksys switch and press the power catch ,sit tight for the lights to turn strong white .
  • Step2: Connect an Ethernet link from fromlan opening of web organization modem to your Linksys switch (wan web space ).
  • Step3: Connect an Ethernet link from Linksys switch lan space to your PC or open remote support settings on your PC ,associate your PC remotely with Linksys switch.
  • Step4: Open a web program and sort or ip address , setup wizard screen will show up ,select your web association compose i.estatic,dynamic, pppoe ,according to your web organization write, take after online screen directions to finish the setup wizard

Here are the Benefits of Having Linksys Smart Wifi Account

  • 1. If you are having Linksys brilliant wifi account then you will ready to deal with the gadget list. Utilizing the gadget show you will ready to get to the quantity of gadgets that are associated inside your home system.
  • 2.You can likewise deal with the visitor represent your home system on the off chance that you are having Linksys savvy wifi account. Utilizing visitor account you can without much of a stretch confine the wifi access for your relatives and visitors that will get to your home system.
  • 3.There are a number investigating deceives you can for your Linksys Wifi switches and on the off chance that you are having Linksys shrewd wifi account then you run all these investigating tips from any remote area.
  • 4.As we realize that we are fit to interfacing various gadgets to your home system and every one of these gadgets can be furnished with various transfer speed utilizing web utility.
  • 5.Using the parental controls settings for your Linksys wifi switches you will ready to obstruct every single undesirable site that you would prefer not to take into account your home system. Parental controls are additionally sensible utilizing the Linksys keen wifi account.
  • 6.These are the quantity of advantages you will get on the off chance that you are having Linksys shrewd wifi represent your gadget.

Here are the Steps for Creating Linksys Cloud Account

  • 1)Using your web program, get to web address.
  • 2)You don’t have the login subtle elements you should make another record for Linksys shrewd wifi.
  • 3)For making represent Linksys interface you should fill some required data like your first name, your last name, your email Id and secret word you need to setup for Linksys cloud account.
  • 4)Agree for permit utilizing the check box and tap on alternative “Make My Account”.
  • 5)You will get an email deliver and make a point to affirm the email you have gotten at your email address.
  • 6)Once you have approved the record for your Linksys cloud account then you can make login access for your Linksys savvy wifi account.
  • 7)Fill the login client name and watchword and tap on “Sign In” alternative.
  • 8)You would now be able to relate your Linksys switch with the Linksys cloud sum effortlessly.These are the means you should take after so you can make represent Linksys cloud. You would now be able to get to every propel highlight you have gotten with the Linksys shrewd wifi account.

How to connect to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

Launch a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and in the address bar of the browser type Enter the e-mail address and password in the respective fields that you have set up earlier.

Steps to change the settings of the router:

  • Firstly, you need to log in to your Linksys Smart WiFi account.
  • There is a left menu on the top that is having further options. You can select either of them to change their settings.
  • Network Map: By this feature, you can manage all network devices connected to your router. You can access both guest network and main network and can view devices connected to each of them. You can also have information about each device connected to your network.
  • Guest network: you can make and configure the network specifically made for your guest. This network is made so as your guest can not be able to access all the resources of your network.
  • Parental Controls: You can block the websites which you want to from your children and other family members. You can also set access time like for game sites of your children.
  • Media Prioritization: You can give priority to your devices and applications for the network traffic.
  • Speed test: You can also check the speed of your internet connection.
  • External Storage: It has USB port so you can attach USB and access it.
    Connectivity: Lets you configure basic and advanced network settings.
  • Wireless: You can change the SSID (network name), password, security mode. You can also connect the device using WiFi protected setup.
  • Troubleshooting: You can go through various problems while setting up the router. This feature allows you to diagnose the problem and then find a solution.
  • Security: For the security purpose, it allows you to configure and setup
  • firewall. You can also make custom settings for applications and games.


To access linksyssmart wifi account settings ,lauch a web browserand type ( ) in address bar of your browser , a login screen will appear , in case of incorrect username and password try reseting the password , click on forget password option & then follow on screen instructions


You can check number of devices which are connected to your existing network , allow & block mac address , check ip address for each connected device with router


To access parental control feature in case of ea 9500 router or any ea series linksys router ,either login to your linksyssmartwifi account or you can manage router settings by using default ip address , a login screen will appear use username & password both as admin.>>under connectivity option select parental control option , add or remove websites or you can add keywords as per your search results which you want to exclude


You can add devices or list mac address of streaming or devices such as playstation or x box , to compensate or provide adequate bandwidth to concerned devices.