Linksys Router Login


  • 1.Connect your router to power adapter , if you are replacing an
    existing old router , disconnect it and then connect linksys smart wifi
    router to direct power source.
  • 2.Press the power button to turn on the linksys wireless
  • 3.Connect Ethernet cable straight from internet port of linksys router to your existing modem lan slot (from wan slot of linksys router to your modem ).
  • 4.Connect your device wireleesly with linksys router network name
    ssid ,or connect your computer & linksys router with an ethernet cable
  • 5.Open a web browser and type in
    address bar of your browser , a login screen will appear , follow the
    on screen instructions to set up linksys smart wifi account or you can
    set up linksys smart wifi router manually & then you can easily
    configure your router from any computer with internet access .


  • Tori : I keep losing my internet connectivity ,, i have to reset the
    routerto factory settings then it works again for a little while This i
    thought should have been a great modem for speed , streaming
    videos and everything else
    Solution :Try to update linksys router firmware to latest ,connect a
    ethernet cable between linksys router lan slot and your computer
    ,open a web browser ,login to your linksyssmartwifi account or sign in
    locally using web address myrouter.local /www,
    or router default ip address,use username and passwordas admin ,click on system settings // firmware update option ,you can
    manually download linksys firmware file from linksys download centre
    webpage ..